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Who is Gohar?

Hi, My name is Gohar Shafique and I’m a Serial Entreprenuer, Speaker and Digital Marketing Consultant for many reputed Startups, SME’s and Fortune 500 companies.

I’m using this blog as a medium to pen down my journey where I challenge myself to do what I love the most: trying to make a living with the line of work that allows me to experience personal freedom.

Can you build an ethical business fueled by passive income streams (earning money in your sleep) so you can focus on important things like your health, traveling and having fun along the way? I believe you can, and I intend to prove it through my challenges and experiements.

Join me as I experiment, test, fail, and maybe succeed in the making. Lets figure out what works and what does not by ignorning all the “get rich quick” bullshit.

To keep me focused and transparent, I made up some strict rules for blogging here. See those rules.


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