What’s this About?

I Challenge myself to make money online


I believe that you can enjoy your life when you can have two types of freedom:
1- Financial Freedom
2- Personal Freedom

I have a decent Full-time job that allows me achieve financial freedom but in expense of the personal freedom that I want. (BTW I love my job). So I wanted to challenge myself if I can get both types of freedom to improve my lifestyle to stay focused on my health, learn more, travel more, experience more and have fun along the way. 

To achieve this passive income lifestyle, I need to build digital assets that can make me more money even when I am sleeping so I can experience true financial and Personal freedom.  With this Blog, I will experiment and find out different methods to make more income streams that will include blogging, affiliate marketing, SaaS business, online courses, Social Media and more.

My Goal is to make $10,000/month ONLINE. 

Rules to Keep me Focused and Transparent

1- Make Money Ethically.

2- Be Honest and 100% Transparent.

3- Use Automation and Growth Hacking wherever possible.

4- Show. Don’t tell.

5- Always Entertain and have Fun.

6- Attach a deadline to all the Challenges.

7- Make Content easy to Consume and Entertaining.

8- Cut the Crap. Be Casual, Short and to-the-point. 

9- Be Passionate and do what you love.

10- Be open to Learn new things but ignore “best practices” and experiment new ways.

Who Are You and What Have You Done?

A little about myself and my Career Progression


My name is Muhammad Gohar Shafique. I’m a 26 years old Entrepreneur, Speaker and Digital Marketing Consultant from Pakistan.

I have failed several businesses at a very young age but all those failures led me to grow myself more.

Currently I’m working as a Business Director at Bramerz – Pakistan’s biggest digital agency serving clients like Samsung, Google, Nestle and more.

Co-founded Araam.pk a web startup that is Pakistan’s biggest marketplace to find and hire service professionals.

I also co-founded Ivoke and Eccountant (online accounting software), I sold and left these companies, but it’s still awesome and I’m proud of it.

I believe in Social Welfare and Social Entrepreneurship, So I founded Heal Pakistan and serve as a Vice President at Seedout (a crowdfunding platform to alleviate poverty).

Why do I Blog?



With this blog, I want to be as transparent as possible with everything I do to grow myself. My businesses, my strategies and my income – yup it’s all out there for you to see. I’m not trying to show off my success – that’s definitely not my purpose. My goal is to inspire and help others to achieve what I have achieved so that you can grow too without taking the wrong steps and falling into scams.

I won’t teach you how to build a business or what app will increase your Facebook pokes. I’m going to make money and share my process. That’s it.

I have created this website to document my progress, share my knowledge, connect with amazing people and hopefully to inspire others to achieve their potential ! Feel free to subscribe to my newsletter below and Join me on my Journey where I’ll keep you updated on all my progress and how I do it.


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